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Probation Revocation Hearings


You messed up. You were accused of breaking the law and, maybe after several court appearances and/or a jury trial, you were given a second chance and granted probation. Now, several months or years into your probation, the State has alleged that you violated one or more terms and wants to revoke your supervision - they want you locked up. You no longer have a right to a jury trial, and the State’s burden to prove you violated your probation is very low.

At times, the fight in probation revocation hearings is about whether you violated a term of probation. Often, the better fight is focused only about what should be done regarding the violation. Not every probation violation merits revocation, and there are a variety of alternatives that should be considered before sending someone to prison. It is in your best interest to have an attorney who knows when and what to fight in these hearings.

Edward A. Jendrzey has worked both sides of the criminal docket, first as an assistant district attorney and now as a criminal defense attorney. Using his experience, he will advise you of your options in an effort to achieve the most favorable results under the circumstances. He will not judge you, but understands that part of rehabilitation includes relapse, that people make mistakes while trying to get back on the right path. He will tell you what you need to know, regardless of whether it is what you want to hear.

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