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Petitions For Non-Disclosure
(Sealing Your Record)


A person who has successfully completed a deferred adjudication probation for a criminal offense may qualify to have the record of the deferred “sealed” from public view by filing a petition for non-disclosure. Unlike an Order Granting Expunction, an Order of Non-Disclosure attempts to seal the record from the general public - it does not order criminal justice agencies to destroy the record.

The Order can be beneficial to you in that it may prevent a potential employer, or potential landlord, from discovering your prior deferred, but law enforcement will still have access to this record. There is a waiting period for some offenses before the Court can even consider a petition for non-disclosure, and some crimes are not eligible for non-disclosure. Additionally, a subsequent conviction or deferred adjudication since the expiration of your probation may disqualify you.

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